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Theatrical Team

Writer. Performer. Producer
Sydney Morgan Currie

Theatrical Director
Brionne Davis Davel

Stage Manager
Daria Davidoff

Technical Director
Michaela Molden

Film Editor
Gregory Folynowicz

Original  Music & Samples
Jeremiah Craft


Ahmael Balraj
Alretha Thomas 
Daniel Fitzgerald 
Mariah Q. Tavares 
Cedrick Terrel 
Nadia Caitlyn
Samuel Code
Luc Clopton

Film Team
Writer. Director. Producer: Sydney Morgan Currie
Co-Producer: Al Baker
1st AD: Alexcina Figueroa
Cinematographer: Eli DiFiore
1st AC: John Landry
Gaffer: Walter Watkins
Gaffer: Michael Woloson
Production Designer: Paula Queiroz
Sound Department: Jackson Stofka

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ABOUT THE       


Raw. Regal & Real is the dynamic life of a college student by day, Graffiti artist at night witnessing a glimpse of lives in her daily commute on New York City’s Transit Subway. The show centers around this female graffiti artist, the people she meets on the subway are the characters that will get to witness on stage.



The purpose of the show is to connect to people’s humanity unveiling the richness of people of the African American experience. 


The characters that I have created were influenced by conversations, and topics within the African American community that I hope are to be understood in the mainstream of society such as incarceration for minorities in America, generational reality, parenthood, healing, love, lost, interracical relationships, and justice within an injustice system. 


Storytelling in theater is the powerful medium where all communities can come together to understand one another's differences. 



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